Criteria for ambassadors

Candidates must submit:

1) Filled application form
2) Short CV

An ambassador is a student who is ready to promote NeuRi - Neuroscience Student Congress amongst fellow colleagues at their own University/Faculty. His task is to help the Organizing Committee reach as many students as possible who are willing to participate in the NeuRi Congress, actively or passively.

Tasks that ambassadors should fulfill:

1) Actively share information related to the Congress with fellow students and on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.
2) Promote the Congress in the premises of their own faculty using materials provided by the Organizing Committee
[flyers, posters, brochures].
3) Participate in all forms of events at the Congress.


1) Be a part of a very friendly and motivated team.
2) Ambassadors receive a 20% discount on the participation fee when registering themselves using their promo code.
3) Every next registration made with their promo code will increase their discount by 10%.
4) Five registrations made using the code will guarantee ambassadors free participation in the NeuRi Congress.

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